Conservation and sustainability

Conservation is one of the major cornerstones of the Namibian experience. Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris does not only focus on a unique hunting experience, but also realize the long-term responsibilities towards conservation together with its social responsibility. We have the following social and environmental programs in place:

  • Programs that introduced the relocation of White Rhino on private owned land.
  • All the meat from all our animals, from the elephant to the steenbok and duiker, are utilized to help sustain the local communities,
  • First hand involvement in anti-poaching units across Namibia.
  • We are converting to solar power in our camps.
  • A strict game management plan is maintained, to ensure that good quality trophies are taken consistently.
  • Actively involved in management of human-wildlife conflict with Elephants
  • Working with the Africat foundation in the north-west of Namibia to monitor Lion populations
  • Make contributions to conservation through education
  • Donation programs are run in all areas where safaris are conducted or as needs arise.
  • Involved with rural communities in Namibia to build a better future for the youth.
  • Jamy Traut Hunting Safaris promotes ethical and sustained wildlife practices.
  • Jamy Traut is a proud member of NAPHA (Namibian Professional Hunters Association, Dallas Safari Club and Safari Club International.
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